Install WordPress and the HeatMap Theme

If you would like to profit from AdSense on your blog, I highly recommend that after you install Word press you also install the HeatMap theme. The two of these tools combined have superior efficiency in terms of formatting your blog, placing your AdSense and turning your blog into a moneymaker.

Possibly the greatest benefit of both tools is an import export function.



In WordPress, the import export function allows you to take an existing blog and export all of your settings such as custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts.











Similarly, the heat map theme has an optional plug-in that allows you to export all your Heatmap theme settings including HeatMap Theme Options, Ads, and Widget Settings. Utilizing these to export tools, you can quickly create blog after blog in minutes with the exact same layout settings so that you don't waste time replicating all of your hard work. All you need to do, is adding new content.

As an aside, should you ever move will blog from one URL to another, an additional feature in the WordPress export will even allow you to export your posts and import them at your new URL saving you hours of cut and paste drudgery.

Just like WordPress has built-in functionality allowing a non-technical person to click here and press here to generate a very professional looking site, the Heatmap theme does the same for those who want to optimize their AdSense layout. Here's a snapshot of the pre-positioned elements of the heat map theme:

As you can see from the graphic, rather than trying to position an element and move it to the right or left by five pixels, such positioning is already done for you so all you do is drop the elements you want into the positions you desire and in no time, you have a professional looking site. So this author with over 100 blogs has found the combination of WordPress and the Heatmap theme to be a winning combination for efficiency.