Install WordPress and Gain These Six Benefits

You may install WordPress because you've heard that Google indexes WordPress sites quickly or that it's easy to maintain a blog using the WordPress content management system.  But there are distinct other benefits you'll enjoy when you install WordPress.

You don't need to know HTML, PHP or any other alphabet soup in order to have a very good-looking website that is super-functional.  Because WordPress is so widely installed, there are thousands of designs, plug-ins and widgets that allow you to add almost any function you can think of to your WordPress site.

There are thousands of WordPress programmers who will work very inexpensively should you need something really custom for your WordPress installation.  You can find these programmers by posting a job on or Find WordPress programmers on oDesk.  Expect to pay $10-$15 per hour.

You can easily monetize your WordPress site not only by joining the Google AdSense program and running Google's ads but there are dozens of services that will pay you to allow posts, comment links and contextual links placed on your WordPress installed site.  My favorite is Postlinks (disclosure- I am a customer and affiliate and they compensate me for referrals, as they will you).

Google prefers sites that have fresh content.  You can add a post to your WordPress installed site within minutes.  I am doing so right now by speaking to my computer using Dragon naturally speaking and composing this post in about 6 minutes. Therefore, it is far from burdensome to keep your site current with fresh content.

it is easy to develop a community around your WordPress installed site.  Because WordPress is designed to encourage comments and there are plug-ins that allow you to interact with your comment debaters, unlike a static HTML site, WordPress is interactive.  Once you install WordPress, you have the foundation for building your own social or topical network.

There you have it.  Six great reasons to install WordPress you may not have considered.