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Here's a 5 minute video that shows how a non-technical person like myself can set up a WordPress site from scratch. I happen to use this hosting company called Bluehost for the simple reason that for $5.95 a month I can have an unlimited number of blogs and since I'm a business person and make money from these blogs, I want to have 100 or 200 and all for $5.95.

I login here to my account obviously it'll take a few minutes the first time you set up your account.  Over here you'll notice there's a little WordPress button we will get to that in a minute but that's how you install WordPress -- just click here.  I already registered a domain I could've registered it at Bluehost but I already had this domain and I am having Bluehost host it for me.  So I click here and create a new directory down here and click add domain. Now all I want to do is go back here I want to click this little WordPress icon and then it's going to ask me on which domain I want to install WordPress.  Now there is a whole bunch of stuff, if you're a technical person that you would do -- you wouldn't even use this kind of service but I am not. I don't know anything about MySQL and CSS and PHP so I'm just going click this button that says install WordPress .  There are some other options here and if you didn't know anything about this you could just leave them checked. Once I have selected the advanced options I want, which you could ignore, it'll say installing WordPress. This is how hard this is you just sit here and wait – it says in progress – now it says installation complete.  That took maybe 40 seconds.

If I open a web browser and go to why we've got a WordPress site. Now you may not like this theme so you change it. But we're ready to go and log into this WordPress site. But it took all of what 3 minutes to get the site up and running. I could be click here to post and I could be writing my first post I think in under 5 minutes from the time that we decided we wanted a to install a WordPress site. So use Bluehost and get a wonderful site and have a million WordPress blogs for $5.95 a month.