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Why Install WordPress

If you're putting up any kind of small site or blog, WordPress is the easiest, best developed method for a non-technical person. Because of its widespread use, many developers have created plug-ins (95% are free)  that automate most everything you will ever want to do with WordPress.  Therefore, you need almost no technical knowledge in order to be a facile blogger or maintain a website that looks like any standard HTML site. Another reason to install WordPress is that the Google search engine apparently finds it very easy to crawl.  That results in your posts and your blog being readily indexed by Google. WordPress comes with tons of built-in functions so that anything you likely want to do is already included and you don't need to create it.  If there some task you don't know how to do, just do a search on Google and within minutes you'll find somebody who has already answered your question. Because widespread installation of WordPress, there are thousands of themes i.e. designs available free and some that do cost although prices are small.  Therefore, all you need to do is supply the content and you can select an already existing beautiful design that somebody […]


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