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How to Install WordPress in 5 Minutes - for Non-Techies

The Basics of Installing WordPress When you install WordPress, you have a basic choice of setting up your site where you have little to no control at www.wordpress.org or you can install your WordPress site where you have absolute and total control. When you set up your site at WordPress.org (free),  your site is actually a subdomain of their website.  So if you choose the name for your WordPress site or your blog as "Joesblog," your website address will be www.joesblog.wordPress.org. If you use the second alternative, where you host your own site (explained below), then your website can have the name www.joesblog.com.  Not only do you have a more custom and personalized website address when you host it yourself, but you you will have many more options such as selecting different WordPress themes, selecting and using many plug-ins and a variety of other control features that you do not have when you have your site hosted at WordPress.org.  Most importantly, if you devote any resources to driving visitors to your site, why would you want to drive them to a site that you don't control i.e. WordPress.org? WordPress hosting - Difficult Way If you are a tech geek, you […]


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